One of the major investment you make in your life is buying a home and of course, it is a crucial process. You have found your dream home in Ottawa, in a location you always think of buying one. But wait, one of the most important step you may have missed that can cost you huge anytime in future.  Don’t ever miss a full home inspection before investing in any property, that too by a professional home inspector. Home inspection Ottawa becomes even more important because many times it has been observed that usually the home is dressed up to emphasize its best feature and diminish its latent flaws. An independent home inspection will help you in finding out issues, if any, present in the house.

"Prime Home Inspection " is one of the reliable home inspection service providers. We are well recognized for offering the best Ottawa home inspection at a very affordable price. Services offered by us during the inspection includes;

·   Structure systems inspections: Underground floor and crawlspaces. The foundation walls are inspected thoroughly to look for any possible structural problems like any growths of molds and water diffusion.

·       Roofs inspection: We do a proper inspection of all roof coverings for any signs of leakages and damages.

·     Exterior and interior areas inspection: Our inspection includes proper observation of areas like balconies, decks, windows, doors for any small flaws. All interior visible areas like firewalls and chimneys are inspected for any kind of damages.

·     Garage inspection: We do a complete inspection of the garage, its doors and windows and test it for proper functioning.

·       Plumbing system: Inspection of piping and fittings

·       Heating system: inspected for proper functioning and venting.

·       Electrical system: Includes inspection of wirings and switches.

Now you must be wondering what makes us capable to do so? Well it is because;

·       Several years of experience

·       Highly efficient home inspectors who are frequently updated with proper training

·       Latest report writing system

·       Proficient knowledge about the locality.


So, trust us and hire for an excellent house inspection Ottawa.