We all love our home and does everything to make it look best. But, how many of us think about its safety. Yes, you heard it right. A house always protects people who live inside them from natural calamities, wild animals living outside, sunlight, rainfall, and many more. It is a harsh fact that only few of us ever think about our house’s well-being. Have you ever wondered that even the house needs a check-up from a professional to see that all of its essentials like walls, roofs, gutters, etc. are in good condition to last long. People usually think that a home inspection will cost them huge and they simply ignore the matter. Home Inspection Cost Ottawa should not matter you much because at ‘Prime Home Inspection’, we keep the inspection charges very competitive and reasonable.

We have plenty of loyal customers who mention us at the first interaction that they never tried to call a professional for inspecting their home because of the thought that they have to bear a huge amount for the same. They were shocked to know that this ignorance of house’s roof, wall, etc. are more prone to major damages which will in-turn demand more expenditure.

The reason why our Ottawa home inspection services are a preferred choice includes;

·       Our lead, Hisham Elo has completed the ten courses offered by Carson & Dunlop, there is no substitute for experience. He also finished the reputable and in-depth training program from the top industry associations and colleges.

·       His knowledge and previous experience as a Civil Engineer for the last 30 years has helped him to serve his customers professionally with best in class home inspection services in reasonable price.

·       Hisham Elo had worked in the construction industry for over 15 years as site Engineer, supervising small and high-rise buildings, villas, interior finishing, and dealing with customers for turn key jobs.

·       He also had extensive experience in customer service.

·       Elo has worked and owned an HVAC company for more than 15 years for different brands.  

·       The detailed report provided by us includes every minute details about all essential factors of house. This also includes suggested repair work for your house and if you agree for those repairs our engineers will do it for your perfectly.

  Here are the areas that we can cover while inspection process;

Roofing System: We inspect accessible roof coverings (height, design, the condition of roofing materials and/or weather conditions may prevent mounting certain roofs), gutters, flashings, skylights, as well as signs of leaks and deterioration. 

Exterior Systems:  Stoops, steps, decks, driveways, patios, and balconies along with Siding, trim, windows and doors are inspected for damage, deterioration or safety hazards.

Plumbing System: All accessible piping and fixtures are inspected for function flow and leaks. The domestic water heating equipment is inspected for proper installation, leaks, operation, life expectancy, and venting. All plumbing fixtures are tested for proper operation.

Electrical Systems: Accessible outlets are tested for proper wiring, switches are tested for proper operation, the accessible wiring is inspected for proper installation and all electrical panels are uncovered and inspected.

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems, Heating systems, Insulation Systems, Fireplaces & Chimneys, Structure Systems, Interior Systems, Garages are other areas that we cover. Grab the chance to gift your house a reasonable Ottawa home inspection with Prime Home Inspection.